Pay It Forward

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Pay it forward is a simple phrase but it is what drives our company.  We believe that the investments we make everyday will provide a legacy of good fortune for our customers, suppliers, families and friends.

What is unique about Fenix?

We all do business in a global economy.  Technology has caused our world to shrink.  We have past experience with global sourcing of products and services.  We have seen the drive for lower costs be eroded by methodical price increases, increasing loss of quality and long lead times.  Unless expensive forecasting tools are implemented or large inventories of Finished Goods are warehoused chances are that a customer’s availability of product is constantly at risk, thus affecting bottom line sales.

We offer an approach based on short lead times, simple but proven operating strategies and stable pricing.  By designing and manufacturing in the United States we can control overall costs more efficiently and provide in stock programs based on innovative new designs.

Our foundation

Our products are created on leading edge CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems that are world class and designed and developed in America.  From there we take our concepts and develop prototype products and tooling on Bridgeport mills that have long been the stalwart of American industry.  Next our tooling is designed and built in the Midwest by American tool and die craftsmen in shops whoseowners have invested in people and technology to maintain their craft.  These same owners invest in the future by training the next generation of American craftsmen through apprenticeship programs.  Our production takes place on American made Niagara, Bliss and Minster stamping presses and finishing is performed using state of the art Nordson painting equipment, all made in Ohio. We use Caterpillar forklifts made in Texas for our material handling required for raw materials and warehouse operations.





Our Raw Materials

We believe in stewardship and preservation.  For those reasons all our stamped products use steel made in America in Indiana and Ohio that uses recycled scrap metal as a base.  Our packaging materials are made from recycled paper and wood products that come primarily from Wisconsin.  Our product packaging is kept to a minimum to further reduce landfill waste.  Our finishing is water based and uses no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).  Even our fasteners are made in the United States in the Midwest.

Your choice

We know you have many choices when it comes to our line of products.  We hope you consider our business premise and operating philosophies and reward our suppliers and your customers by choosing our products that are made in the United States.

Made in America

Because it matters.

Fenix Manufacturing

2001 9th Street

Fulton, IL  61252 USA